I am dedicated to building guitars with outstanding tone, power, playability and aesthetics.

The creation of an outstanding musical instrument comes through an accumulation of details in construction and finish.

I build all my instruments myself, from start to finish, focusing my attention on every detail.

Every guitar is unique.

I have a few standard models, the Muleskinner, the Avalon, the Uncle Manfred for example. But I make every guitar one-of-a-kind in details of design and construction, not to mention wood selection.


Wood - Every soundboard is unique.

In fact every piece of wood, even of the same species, or even from the same tree, has unique qualities of density, flexibility and musicality. I plane, carve and shape each soundboard and its bracing to create the best tone I can possibly draw from the wood.


Glue, can we hear the difference?

I use hot hide glue for the critical construction joinery because I want to do everything I possibly can that might make a better instrument. Hot hide not as convenient to use as modern synthetic glues, but it dries harder and is less likely to creep in hot weather.



Tone takes precedence over ease and convenience of application.  I prefer to finish my instruments with a hand-rubbed varnish or French Polish; a finish that has been used for centuries on the finest instruments. 



I believe there is an intangible quality that is created in an instrument that is crafted, planed, chiseled and shaped by the human hand.